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Web Engine
The BiblioTECH WWW engine provides Client devices with a HTML5/CSS3 compatible browser the ability to search the BiblioTECH system. This service is installed alongside the BiblioTECH 'Core' Server. Therefore, every BiblioTECH system has this service installed.

The settings for the service are controlled on the BiblioTECH Server computer via the WWW Service Manager utility (Programs --> BiblioTECH v8 --> WWW Service Manager).

Accessing the BiblioTECH WWW Server

If a BiblioTECH Server has an IP Address of and is set to the default port of 8181, then the BiblioTECH WWW services can be accessed via the URL

Accessing the a BiblioTECH WWW Server from a remote browser

As the BiblioTECH WWW Server does not filter requests based on IP Address, it will accept and respond to requests from any location. However, to enable remote browsers (e.g. those on the Internet) to be able to search the BiblioTECH System, appropriate routing and firewall rules would need to be established to allow incoming requests to be routed to the BiblioTECH Server.

Additional BiblioTECH WWW Servers

In addition to the WWW service installed as part of the BiblioTECH 'Core' Server, the WWW service can also be installed on another Server. One scenario where this would be advantageous is when you wish to allow searching of the catalogue by external connections (via the Internet). In order to protect against unwanted intrusions which can result from 'direct connections', it is common to setup 'externally exposed' services in a small specially protected network called a DMZ.

To setup a DMZ-based BT8 Web Service you need to perform the following:

  1. Download the installer and follow the instructions in the guide to install the BT8 Web Service.
  2. Ensure that all firewalls on the DMZ server and the network allow:
    1. Incoming traffic on port 8181 to the DMZ server from any source.
    2. Outgoing traffic on ports 16000, 16001 & 16002 from the DMZ server to the BiblioTECH Server computer.
  3. Test the WWW service using a browser on the DMZ server to ensure it is 'talking' to the internal BiblioTECH server.
  4. Test the WWW service using a browser from another computer within the DMZ to ensure it can be accessed from the DMZ environment.
  5. Have a publicly declared server DNS host name and port combination which is externally published via a link on some webpage.
  6. Setup network rules/routing which will allow incoming ‘BiblioTECH requests’ to be redirected to the DMZ server.
  7. Test the WWW service using a browser from an external computer to ensure it can be accessed from the DMZ environment.
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