System Requirements - BiblioTECH Library Management System

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System Requirements
Technical Requirements

Refer to the BiblioTECH Server Installation Guide for full details.


The Server computer can be implemented as either 'real' (i.e. on a separate, physical computer) or 'virtual' (i.e. hosted on a larger computer). In either case performance will be affected by any other services/applications running on the same computer. Server loading and tuning should take into account that the BiblioTECH System is transaction based and, while generally placing a small load on the computer, during normal operations it can place significant short-term heavy loads. This is especially important if installed in a virtualised environment – other virtualised servers do place loads on the underlying infrastructure which, therefore, can affect the BiblioTECH Server's performance.

Operating System

A computer running the Microsoft Windows operating system (either 32 or 64 bit – Windows 7/8.x/10 & Server 2008/2012/2016/2019).
Note: BiblioTECH is designed and developed for the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems. While BiblioTECH may run under Windows XP or Server 2003 these operating systems are not supported.


The recommended Server and/or Client/s would provide 4 CPUs and 4GB RAM per machine.


All network interfaces on the BiblioTECH Server computer must be assigned static IP addresses. A BiblioTECH Server must have at least one active network interface. If running in 'stand-alone' mode, you will need to add the Microsoft Loop Back Network Adapter.
The Client computer must have a configured IP address and needs to be able to PING the BiblioTECH Server.

Network Time Protocol (NTP)

As of version 8.8n BiblioTECH uses an NTP server to set the time of its internal clock. Please ensure access to the address is not blocked accordingly.


Any firewalls in place (on the Server, any clients, or the network) must be configured to allow requests from Client computers to access the BiblioTECH Server. Allow ports 8181, 16000, 16001, 16002 plus ports used by any Server Add-On modules that have been installed.

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Virus software on the Server computer must be configured to disable 'active file scanning' of the BiblioTECH Server's data folders. Ensure that the folder C:\ProgramData\BiblioTECH\v8\ (or whichever directory you've installed BiblioTECH into) is excluded from such scanning.

Other Software

BiblioTECH works with other applications – if those functions are required then the relevant software must be installed.
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