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Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

1The Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS) is a national online service developed and managed by Education Services Australia. They maintain a 'database of consistent catalogue records created according to agreed national standards, in order to reduce the cost and duplication of effort of cataloguing resources in schools'. Please refer to their website for information relating to subscriptions.

The catalogue records provided through this service can be added to the BiblioTECH Library System via two different methods:

Indirectly: Download and Import Records

Using an Internet Browser:

  1. Login to the SCIS system.
  2. Create an order and save the ensuing .zip or usmarc.dat data files to a convenient folder on your computer.

In BiblioTECH's Resource Manager:

  1. Select either Import Resource Records via SCIS ZIP file or File --> Import --> Import Resource Records via MARC21 (DAT or XML).
  2. Navigate to and select the .zip or usmarc.dat file saved above.
  3. Follow the prompts to add the records in the file to your BiblioTECH catalogue.
  4. You will need to access each of these newly added records to adjust the records as required – to add barcodes, supplier information, price, etc.

Directly: Using the z39.50 protocol

z39.50 is an internet communications protocol that allows computer-based library systems to exchange information including catalogue records. The SCIS have implemented a z39.50 server and BiblioTECH incorporates a z39.50 client which allows it to directly access the SCIS catalogue records.

Please note the SCIS have changed their database settings, as listed in the grid below, and you will need to update your z39.50 configuration within BiblioTECH accordingly.

Configuration With the SCIS
You need to contact the SCIS and ensure that your SCIS UserID has been enabled for use with the z39.50 system.

Configuration Within your Network
The z39.50 protocol could be blocked by your network security. You need to ensure that all of your local cataloguing Client computers can access the SCIS z39.50 server (refer here for more information).

Configuration Within BiblioTECH
Open System Utilities and navigate to the Resource Management --> SCIS Settings page.

After entering your details click on the Test button. If the connection can be made you will be advised all is okay. Otherwise, ask your IT/Network staff to check if any network firewalls, router settings, security software, or the like need changes made or settings reconfigured.

Test Utility

Included in the BiblioTECH installation is a utility that can be used to assist in diagnosing z39.50 communication problems. The utility z39_50_check.exe can be found on the BiblioTECH Server computer in the folder c:\ProgramData\BiblioTECH\v8\Server\Master\Tools. Copy the utility to the c:\Program Files\BiblioTECH\v8\Client folder on the computer where the test needs to be performed.

Enter your SCIS UserID and Password and click on the Start button. You should see a successful connection and one result returned (this will be a long XML structure)

However, if there are any network connection issues (almost always resulting from a misconfigured Firewall) you will see:

Alternatively, if your UserID and/or Password are rejected by SCIS, you will see:

Cover Images

The z39.50 protocol does not include the retrieval of Resource Cover Images; this is a separate process sent via an HTTP request. Please refer to this document for more information.

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