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Relocating the Server

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From time to time, you may need to move your BiblioTECH Server from one computer to another.
Note: These instructions apply to all major versions of BiblioTECH. However, they only apply if transfering to/from the same version.

The transfer of a BiblioTECH Server from one computer to another involves two separate stages:

1. One for the Server, and
2. One for each Client.

Before beginning, ensure you have a copy of your current Licence key details so you can reactivate BiblioTECH without having to contact Support. Details are provided in the instructions below of how to locate your licence information if you no longer have the key .btk file.

Relocating the BiblioTECH Server
Note: These notes refer to the transfer from an old Server to a new Server, NOT an update.

On the old Server/Clients:
  1. Follow these instructions to update the old Server to the latest version of BiblioTECH.
  2. Stop all BiblioTECH Client modules on all computers.
  3. Perform a BiblioTECH backup and transfer the .bak file to the new Server.
  4. Using Notepad open the file C:\ProgramData\BiblioTECH\v8\Server\BT8_svr.init. Locate the Registration section and note the Owner and Key details.
  5. Using Windows Service Manager stop all of the BiblioTECH Server services and change the service Startup Type of these to Disabled.
    1. Note: Do NOT dispose of the 'old' installation until the 'new' Server has been fully checked.

On the new Server:
  1. Download the latest release of the BiblioTECH Core Server
  2. Ensure that the required settings are established on the new Server (Static IP, Firewall rules, Antivirus settings, etc. please refer to the Server Installation Guide for more details).
  3. Install BiblioTECH on the new Server.
  4. Open System Utilities and perform a Restore on the new Server.
    1. Note: Following the restore, the BiblioTECH Server will perform an intensive check and re-index – this could take some time.
  5. On the new Server, restart the BiblioTECH Server services.

On each Client:
  1. On the new BiblioTECH Server create a 'Workstation Install Set'. Save the files to a location you can reach from each Client computer (i.e. a network-share or USB-drive).
  2. Run the Workstation Installer on each of the Client computers. This will update the Client settings so that they point to the new Server.
  3. When each Client is restarted, they will update themselves (if necessary).

Please Note

If possible, swap the IP addresses of the old and new Servers. If you are able to swap the IP Addresses of the Servers then the Client’s will NOT require updating (they will already be pointing at the new Server). If this is not possible, follow these instructions as per a Change of IP Address.

The Backup/Restore process only transfers textual information it does NOT transfer any images (photos and covers). If you would like to move any Patron photos and any Resource cover images you will need to copy these manually from the old system to the new one. These are stored on the BiblioTECH Server in the folder C:\ProgramData\BiblioTECH\v8\Server\WWW\img.

If the 'old' system had the SCIS Subject Authority info installed (the file C:\ProgramData\BiblioTECH\v8\Auth\scis_sat_ascii.dat exists), you will need to reload the authority data manually do NOT copy the 'old' file across.

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