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Recommended Start of Year Procedure
Update Patron Information

While you can manually add/update all of your Patron records, it is usually convenient to update your system by importing the data from a data file.
Follow the procedure detailed here.

Limit Due Dates
There may be Limiting Dates that were set for the previous year. If so, these will need updating.

Clear any Level and Group Date Limits :
  • Specific Limiting Dates can be set for Levels and Groups.
    It is a good idea to initially clear these at the start of a year and only set entries as the need arises.

  1. Open Patrons Manager
  2. Select the [Levels] TAB, uncheck Read Only and click [Clear all Level Limit Due Dates]
  3. Select the [Groups] TAB, uncheck Read Only and click [Clear all Group Limit Due Dates]

Update the Global Limit Due Date :
  • BiblioTECH implements a system whereby you can limit the Due Dates calculated by the system.
    Generally these would have been set for the end of 'last' year so they will need to be updated.
  • While this is set via Circualtion Manager, it is a global setting and affects all users across the system.

  1. Open Circulation Manager.
  2. Select the menu Options --> [Global] Limit Due Date
  3. Select a date near the end of the year (do not select a date that is in any holiday period - check the system calendar).

Update the Term, Semester and Year Due Dates :
  • These are only used when loaning a Resource tagged with a Loan Mode of Term, Semester or Year

    1. Select the menu Options --> [Global] Term Due Date
    2. Select a date near the end of the first term

    3. Select the menu Options --> [Global] Semester Due Date
    4. Select a date near the end of the second term

    5. Select the menu Options --> [Global] Year Due Date
    6. Select a date near the end of the year

    More information on Limiting Due Dates can be found here.

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