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NTP Server
BiblioTECH uses an internal clock to synchronise time between the Server and all Clients on a network. This ensures all reads/writes take place in the correct order and therefore minimises any errors that could otherwise arise from the utilisation of different timestamps on different machines. Prior to version 8.8Q, BiblioTECH relied on the internal clock located on the Server. This caused issues when Clients sent data across to the Server which had different timestamps attached. To remedy this issue, BiblioTECH now uses the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) to synchronise date-times accross the system.

The NTP address that BiblioTECH uses is variable and as such can be configured within the System Utilities module. By default the address 0.au.pool.ntp.org:123 is used; if you would like to use this domain as your time server please ensure it is unblocked and accessible at all times within your network as BiblioTECH will not function correctly otherwise. If it is not possible to access this address, or if you'd prefer to use a diferent time server, then please enter the preferred address within the appropriate section of the System Utilities module.
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