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Database Repair
If the BiblioTECH Server is unexpectedly shut-down (usually resulting from a power failure) it is possible that the BiblioTECH database may become corrupt. After this, there can be a number of symptoms that could arise, such as:

  • Server services not starting
  • Clients not connecting
  • Clients not able to perform specific tasks

The database can be repaired using our BT8repair utility.

  1. On the BiblioTECH Server download the BT8repair utility
    1. Note: As some sites cannot download an .exe file, the utility has been compressed into a .zip file.
  2. Once downloaded, extract the utility from the downloaded .zip file to a convenient location.
  3. Stop all BiblioTECH services.
  4. Copy the files in C:\ProgramData\BiblioTECH\v8\Server\Data to another location (do NOT copy any sub-folders).
  5. Run the BT8repair utility. This will:
    1. Create a 'time-stamped' sub-folder   PreRepair_yyyymmddhhnn
    2. Process each database table file.
    3. Copy the table file into the above folder with the prefix original_
    4. Create a new empty table.
    5. Process all of the records in the original table, with 'good' records transferred and 'dud' records logged.
    6. When done it will display the counts of original, 'good' and 'dud' records.
  6. Start Task Manager and monitor CPU usage under Performance.
  7. Start the BiblioTECH Database (BT8_DBservice) and Communications (BT8_SVRservice) services. When the CPU usage drops to a consistent value less than 10%, you can start a Client to verify all is working properly.
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