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Data Clean Up
Over time the entries in the Resource Manager can become messy. For example, a database may have multiple entries in the GMD fields of different records reading Fiction, FICTION, fiction, etc. BiblioTECH provides a tool whereby such records can be standardised so that all record entries are consistent.

To Update/Edit Multiple Records

  1. Open Resource Manager, then select the menu Actions --> Global Field Updater.
    1. Please note the displayed warning, this utility will mass-update your records.
  2. Select the desired field in the drop-down menu and then enter some text to search by (in the above example the GMD field was selected and the text f was entered).
    1. Note: Even though there may be many 'case' variations of the same term (i.e. Fiction FICTION, etc.) only the first found will be displayed. When you perform the update however, all variations will be changed.
  3. Click on the target entry to select it and then enter the replacement text in the Replace with... field.
  4. Click on Find First and you can update selectively.
  5. Click on Update if required, then Find Next.

Alternatively, to update all records:

Click on Update All.
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