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Changing the Server's IP Address
BiblioTECH Clients connect to the BiblioTECH Server using the configured IP Address settings. These settings are stored in the Communications .ini file and are initially setup during the original Client installation (c:\ProgramData\BiblioTECH\v8\Config\BT8comms.ini).

The two 'IP' settings are:

  • IPs – this is a list of all of the BT-Server's IP Addresses (this allows for multi-homed servers).
  • SvrIP – this is last 'successful connection' address.

When a Client starts, it tries to contact the BiblioTECH Server using the IP Addresses in sequence:

  1. SvrIP,
  2. Then each of the IPs,
  3. Then, repeating until it locates a BiblioTECH Server.

When located and a connection is established, the client will update the .ini file's SvrIP setting.

BiblioTECH Client computers

If the Server's IP Address must change, all BiblioTECH Clients will lose contact. Therefore, action must be taken to re-configure the Client's IP settings:

  1. After changing the BiblioTECH Server's IP Address ensure the BiblioTECH services have been restarted (alternatively, to ensure all services are stopped, we recommend you simply to restart the computer).
  2. Generate a new Client Installation Set (on the Server in System Utilities).
  3. Run this new installation set on each of the BiblioTECH Client computers.


Check any URL links that point to the WebSearch Server and update as required.

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