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Backup and Restore

A BiblioTECH backup can be performed at any time and can be initiated during normal operations.

All backup files are generated on the BiblioTECH server computer and saved into the BiblioTECH 'Backup' folder.
Default: c:\ProgramData\BiblioTECH\v8\Backup

When a backup is run, the system will generate two copies of the backup file. These two files are named as per the system date. For example, if the backup was run on the 10th of April, the two files would be BT8_D_10.bak (a daily backup, indicated by the D, occurring on the 10th of the month) and BT8_M_4.bak (a monthly backup, indicated by the M, occurring in the 4th month of the year). This ensures that there is a separate backup file for each day of the month and monthly 'snap-shots' are retained.
Note: If you generate multiple backups on the same day, the latest backup will overwrite all others.

Automatic Backup

When enabled, the BiblioTECH Server will automatically perform a backup every day at a pre-set time. By default this is enabled and runs at 23:45.

Manual Backup

Manual backups can be initiated within:

Circulation Manager (File --> Backup BiblioTECH), or
System Utilities (General --> Backup & Restore).

In either case a request is sent to the BiblioTECH Server asking for a backup to be performed. Once the Server has completed a manual backup, the 'daily' backup file will be copied to the requesting Client computer and the user will be asked if they would like to save a copy of the backup file to another location (e.g. USB drive).

When to perform a Manual Backup

It is recommended that Librarians perform regular manual backups to ensure against catastrophic failure. Whenever major updates are to be applied to the system it is wise to perform a backup prior to commencing to protect against power failures, system shutdowns, etc. that could occur during and interrupt the process.

Archival copy of Backup Files

To ensure that the Server-based archive of backups is protected from server/disk crashes, whenever the Circulation Manager is started, it will check with the BiblioTECH Server and download any 'new' backup files to the BiblioTECH 'Backup' folder on the local computer.
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