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'Add-On' External Search Engines
The BiblioTECH System is able to provide results from its own database and, through the use of 'External Search Engines', results from other systems.

Currently supported systems are ClickView, DVC and LinksPlus/WebLinks.

To implement one of these external engines, you need to install and configure the associated BiblioTECH External Search Engine. Refer to the downloads page for links to the Installer and the relevant Installation Guide. Once installed, the list of available engines will be listed in the Search Client module.

You can select which engines you want to use during any particular search request. If you do not select any, only BiblioTECH will be used.

There is an option to Sort by Source. If selected, the results will be sorted using the engine name as the primary sort field (that is, the results from each engine will be displayed separately). Otherwise, the results will be intermixed.
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