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Library Management System
BiblioTECH is a fully featured Library Management System designed in Victoria, Australia. BiblioTECH was developed in response to Librarians’ requests for 'an affordable Library Management System which is easy to use'.

The system's design is based on extensive market research and input from active Librarians. This makes BiblioTECH an exceptionally specialised and adaptable system, ready to suite your library requirement.
Initially released in 1994, BiblioTECH has been continually developed in line with requests from our customers, as well as changes in the technological landscape. BiblioTECH is also actively involved in implementing the latest library standards as these evolve.

BiblioTECH is a comprehensive Library Management System. Accordingly, this website attempts to illustrate as many of these features as possible. However, if this documentation doesn't provide an answer relating to your query, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at for further information.
The Search module is installed on all BiblioTECH Client computers and...
The Circulation Manager is used to manage the daily operations relating to Loans...
Resource Manager is used to maintain information relating to the resources held...
BiblioTECH modules provide some printing options, most reports...
Patrons Manager is used to maintain the list of those people who can borrow...
System Utilities is used to manage all ‘Global’ settings and to perform system functions...
BiblioTECH Support

+61 3 9111 8912

Mon to Fri: 9am to 12pm
During Victorian Public School Days

913/43 Therry Street
Melbourne VIC. 3000
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