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Updating Reports

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Over time, new and/or updated Reports are produced for BiblioTECH. Generally, these are included in the "next" release and, therefore, will be available after a system has been updated to that release version.

Occasionally, a report needs to be made available to a site prior to an update. BiblioTECH has a mechanism that allows the adding of a new report to the system.

A BiblioTECH report consists of 2 files (these have the same base name but will have different file extesions)
  • Each report includes a ".Q" file
  • Letter Reports require a ".DOC" file and other reports require an ".FR3" file.
    (Both of these will have the same base filename as the "Q" file)

To upload a new/updated report ...
  • Save the two report files into the same folder (eg your “Documents” folder)
  • Start BiblioTECH System Utilities, and open the Reports panel
  • Click on the [Load Report] button - you will be asked to open the report's ".Q" file.
    The "Q" file together with the associated ".DOC" or ".FR3" will be uploaded to the BiblioTECH server.

  • When complete, the next time you open a Report Manager module – the new/updated report will be available.
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