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Patron Import - Updating

Support > Help > Patron Manager > Importing Patron Data
When matching has been completed, you then tell the Importer to perform the update.

  • BiblioTECH data is not affected until the [Update] button is clicked.
    Therefore, you can cancel out at any stage prior to performing the update without affecting your data.

  • BiblioTECH records that have been matched with import entries will be updated.
    Import entries flagged to be added will result in new BiblioTECH records.

  • The update process will only update those fields that you have mapped.
    Other fields will NOT be updated.

  • If you map a field and the import file has no entry in that column, the BiblioTECH field will be cleared

  • During the update process, if the import entries include a Group/Level that is not defined in BiblioTECH, a new Group/Level entry will be automatically added (with default settings)

  • Any BiblioTECH Patron that was un-matched with an import entry will be moved into the group $UnMatched.
    However, BiblioTECH Patrons in a group that contains the words "staff," "teacher" or "other" will be not be moved.
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