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Patron Import - Matching

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Auto - Matching
In order to update the correct BiblioTECH Patron’s details, the ‘matching’ process must pair up each import entry with a corresponding BiblioTECH record.

For Auto-Matching, four matching methods are available.
(a)   Admin ID  (ON by default)
BiblioTECH has a “AdminID” field which allows you to enter a unique identifier for each patron (eg. The person identifier from your local administration system)
(This is the most accurate matching method)

(b)   Full Family & Given Name  (ON by default)
The name of the patron from the import file is matched with the BiblioTECH Patron’s name.

(c)   Full Family & First Three characters of Given Name  (OFF by default)
The family name of the patron from the import file is matched with the BiblioTECH family name. However, only the first three letters of the given name are compared.

(d)   First Three characters of Full Family & Given Name  (OFF by default)
The first three letters of both the family name and given name are compared.
(This is the least accurate matching method and can lead to several mis-matches)

  1. Matching is performed using one method at a time
    (ie the “AdminID” matching process will complete before FullName comparing starts, and so on …)

  2. All comparisons ignore case
    (ie “Tom SAWYER” would be equivalent to “TOM Sawyer”).

  3. Any BiblioTECH patron in a group that contains the words "staff", "teacher" or "other" will be excluded from the matching process.

  4. If an import entry matches multiple BiblioTECH records, it will be marked as a duplicate and remain unmatched.

Manual Matching
Once Auto-Matching has completed, there may be entries which could not be matched.
This is quite common, especially at the start of the year.

You will need to check the matching and manually adjust, either specifying further matches or ‘un-matching’ entries which were incorrectly matched via the Auto-Match process.

Adding New Patron Records
If there are "new" patron records, that are not already in BiblioTECH, you have the option of telling the importer to add the new record.

  • The left panel will display those "import entries" that were not 'exactly' matched during the automatching process.
  • Blue entries indicate no match found - this does not mean that there isn't a match, just that the auto-matching process could not find an exact match
  • Red entries indicate that multiple matches were found
    In both cases, manual matching will need to be performed
    If an entry is not manually matched and remains on the left panel, it will be ignored during the update processing
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