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Patron Import - File Types

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There are four supported import file formats - you will need to determine the most appropriate import format that is suitable for your library. With the exception of the two CASES options, which contain specific fields, the number and content of the fields can be variable.

The only madatory columns in the import file are   Admin-ID, Family-Name, Given-Name, Gender, Level and Group
The actual field names do not need to match the BiblioTECH field names - the movement of data from an import column into a BiblioTECH field is controlled via mappings
You can include additional columns which are to be imported into BiblioTECH and can even include columns which will not be transfered to BiblioTECH.

  • CASES-21  (CSV file with all field data enclosed in double quotes)
    This is the export format file generated by the Victorian School’s CASES / CHESS systems using the ‘Students - Export - Library Systems - BiblioTECH Export’.

  • Microsoft Excel  (XLS file with the first row containing the field names)
    MS-Excel must be installed on the computer performing the Import.
    The data is extracted from the first worksheet in the Excel file.
    The fields can be in any order.
    The end of the data is detected by an empty row.

    Note : The MS-Excel file type  XLSX  is NOT currently supported

  • CSV file -  “Comma Separated Values” file
    The first row must contain the field names
    The fields can be in any order.

  • TAB file  -  “TAB character delimited” file
    The first row must contain the field names
    The fields can be in any order.

Note:    In all import files, there must NOT be any blank rows - the importer would interpret an empty row as the end-of-data
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