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There are two basic purposes for performing a stocktake.
  • To identify those resources that are currently in the Library and, as a consequence, those that are missing
  • To ensure resources in the library are stored in the appropriate location.

In BiblioTECH, each Resource record has a "Last Seen" field. THis is updated every time a resource is Loaned, Returned or scanned during a Stoctake. Therefore, BiblioTECH is 'always' monitoring the status of the resources in the catalogue.

This 'Last Seen' date is used during Stocktake Analysis to determine if a resource is still present.

As some library environments are complex or time may be limited, BiblioTECH allows a librarian to perform Stocktake Analysis across the entire library or just a section of it.

To perform a stocktake using BiblioTECH you must perform a series of steps …

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