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Levels and Groups

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All patrons must belong to a Level and to a Group.

During installation, levels 0.. 13 and 20 are created.

There are three special groups and, if removed, the system will auto-create them.

Group for all Patrons with no group assigned

Used during bulk imports for those Patrons with no matching entry in the import file

Patrons in this group will not be included in the bulk import matching or update processes
The entries are used for two distinct purposes, Reporting and Circulation.
  • Many of the Reports available allow selection or sorting by Level & Group
  • Circulation calculates loan limits and Due Dates based on the MaxDays and MaxRes entries

Level & Group Fields
The group name
Must be unique
Max Res
The maximum number of Resources that can be on Loan at any one time
Refer Circulation for usage
Max Days
The Maximum Loan Duration
Refer Circulation for usage
Limit Due Date
The latest Due Date allowed
Refer Circulation for usage

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