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Label Sheet Definition

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BiblioTECH can print to die-cut A4 sheets of labels (Barcodes, Spine Labels, etc)

In order to know where to place the information on the page, BiblioTECH must have a "label definition" for each label type you intend to use.

While several definitions have been included with BiblioTECH, you may need to add/adjust definitions.

To define or adjust a label sheet definition, you need to open BiblioTECH System Utilities. In the "General" section, select Label Definition Management.

To adjust an existing label ...
Select the name from the Label Definition list
(The system will pre-load the settings)

To Add a new definition ...
Type a name for the label

Adjust the settings ...
NB  You must enter the values as per "Portrait" mode in millimeters (can use decimals  ie.  25.4mm)

Page Size

As most printer will only feed label sheets accurately when using A4 sheets, you should select A4.


A = the margin from the top of the page to the top edge of the first label
B = the margin from the left of the page to the left edge of the first label

C = the distance from the top edge of one label to the top edge of the next label
D = the distance from the left edge of one label to the left edge of the next label

E = the height of one label
F = the width of one label

When done, click on the [SaveAs] button. You will be asked to confirm the name and, if it is already in use, to confirm replacing the previous definition.

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