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Initial Preparation

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There are two things that need to be determined ...

Stocktake Start Date
During Analysis, this is the date that is compared against each resource's "Last Seen" entry and is used to determine if a resource is still present in the Library.
This should be the day you commenced the stocktake.

To set it open Circulation, enter Stocktake Mode (press F8) and adjust the Stocktake Start Date value.

NB This can be set at any time prior to Analysis

What is to be included
Decide which ‘section’ of the Library is to be involved in the stocktake.
This could be the entire library (including any sub-libraries), one sub-library or one section within a library (eg. Non-Fiction in the Main Library)

During Analysis, you must be able to “mark” those resources that are to be included in the stocktake. Therefore, at this stage you need to verify that the target resources can be readily
You do NOT need to mark them yet - just verify that you will be able to.
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