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BiblioTECH Clients make extensive use of "grid" technology. These allow for the display of data in a convenient and flexible manner.

The current record is marked with a small arrow in the left-hand grid border. When acting on a single record, this is the record affected.

Adjusting Grid Column Visibility
In the top left-hand corner of a grid, a small button is displayed. Click on this to display a list of available columns.
Columns will be visible if they are ticked.

Ellipses (…)
If a grid column heading or the data in a grid cell is too long for the cell, ellipses will be added to the end of the visible text in the column to let you know that more data is available but is being hidden
(To see this hidden data you will need to make the column wider)


Adjusting Grid Column Widths
Position the mouse cursor at the end of the heading of the column you want to resize. When you see the resize cursor, click and drag the column width as required.

Note:  When the cursor changes to the resize cursor icon, double clicking the mouse will force the column to auto-adjust its width to show the  widest entry.

Changing Grid Column Order
Position the mouse pointer over the column title. Press and hold the left-mouse button and while holding the button down move the mouse so that the column is in the desired position. The new position is indicated by the green arrows

Note  When you reach the end of the screen, the grid will automatically scroll ‘slowly’ across to allow you to move columns in wide grids.

Navigating the Grid Data
A grid will display a number of records. If the number of records is large, then the grid will display a section of the full data. In this situation, the vertical scrollbar will scroll within the section.

In the bottom left hand border of the grid, a navigation bar is displayed.

The small buttons are in order from the left

  Go to First Record
  Go to Previous Page
  Go to Previous Record
   Go to Next Record
   Go to Next Page
   Go to Last Record
   Refresh the data
   Place a bookmark on this record
   Go to the bookmarked record

Note  If you change the "View By" order, any bookmark will be cancelled

Save/Restoring Grid Appearance
Under the Options menu (in most BiblioTECH clients), you can

  • Save the current appearance which will be used next time the module is started on that computer.

  • Restore the appearance to that when the module was started.

  • Reset the appearance to the default settings for the module

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