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NB   BiblioTECH does NOT use the Windows Registry

BiblioTECH stores all of its information in folders under two locations - one for the executables and one for data.

The location of these two structures can vary dependent on the operating system and folder redirection.

The default locations are ...

Executable files


32-bit systems

C:\Program Files\BiblioTECH


64-bit systems

C:\Program Files (x86)\BiblioTECH


Data Files





NB Can be relocated to another location

Relocating the Data Folders on the BiblioTECH Server
NB    Contact BiblioTECH Support before attempting to do the following.

BiblioTECH allows for the relocation of the data folders from the default location through settings in an INI file.

Example : the base of the data structure is to be located under the folder  

  • Open Windows NOTEPAD

  • Enter the lines

  • Save the file as  c:\Program Files\BiblioTECH\v8\BT8info.ini

  • Stop ALL of the BiblioTECH Server services

  • Move the contents of the original data structure to the new location
        ie.      from       C:\ProgramData\BiblioTECH\v8\
                    to        D:\BTdata

  • Start the BiblioTECH Server services

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