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Editing a Record

Support > Help > Patron Manager
NB To enable the [Add] and [Edit] buttons, ensure the read only flag is off.

  • To Add a new patron record, click on [Add]
  • To Edit an existing patron record, locate the record and click on the [Edit]

When you [Add] or [Edit] a patron record, the full details for that patron will be displayed in a separate panel.
Update the field data as required.

NB  You must assign the patron to a Level and Group and can load an image for the patron

Certain fields within a Patron Record have special meanings/uses and, therefore, care should be taken when editing a record. Other fields can be used or left empty, as desired.

Cannot be edited - maintained by the system
The BiblioTECH system identifier for the Patron
The Patron’s Family Name
Cannot be empty

Displayed in Circulation
Trap Message
Used for Circulation
Trap Level
Used for Circulation
Used for Circulation and Reporting
Defaults to ‘0’
Used for Circulation and Reporting
Defaults to '$None'
Used for Circulation
Can be empty but, if set, the value must be unique
Used during Imports (patron data or photos)
A local identifier which ensures exact matching during a bulk import
Max Days
Used by Circulation
Maximum loan duration
Max Res
Used by Circulation
Maximum resources on loan
Used for Circulation and Reporting
M, F or empty
Displayed during Circulation
Used for Reporting
Used for Reporting
The default value for both the "Max Days" and "Max Res" fields is "Not Set"
(This is displayed in Grids as the value -1)

The usual practice is to control these paramaters via inheritence via the Patron's level and group.
Therefore, only change the setting from "Not Set" if specifically required

Refer to the Circulation section for details relating to how the various Patron, Level and Group settings affect loans (esp Due Date calculation).

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