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8.7a  released
# DropDownLists : "Rating" list flagged as 'auto' but shown on 'manual list management'panel
+ RemoteBT : Updated handling of "RemoteBT" servers

+ History : Added "Borrower" details to history log entries when a resource is marked as lost
+ History : Added "Borrower" details to history log entries when a resource is restored from lost

+ History : Added "Borrower" details to history log entries when a resource is marked as lost

# Resources : When creating copies, the "Created" date was being also being copied
+ Reports : "Resources - Holdings by Library IN" updated to exclude 'lost' resources
? PatronPhotos : checked operation - all OK
? Circulation : Checked "mark as lost - all OK
+ Circulation : Add 'barcode' to columns displayed in email messages
+ Patrons : deleting a patron record will now also remove the corresponding photo

# Clients : On a small number of computers, the client would not update correctly
+ Resources : Update handling when moving a resource from one library to another

8.6h(805) -->
# ClickViewFile : Search results not showing

# PatronImport : Not importing columns with mixed case column names
# WebSearch : Not showing AccNum based images (both results & detail pages)
# Resource : Updated "Cover Removal" so that it handled both AccNum & ISBN image removal correctly
+ Updater : Improved client updater so that it only updates files that are different in size
Previously both 'Size' and 'Last Changed' were compared
'Last Changed' was inconsistent and resulted in repeated updates

# Resource : Subject Editor handling updated (when a lookup is performed)
- If no "used" subjects found and only one SCIS entry found,
the SCIS entry was not being shown
+ Resources : Restructured "Actions" menu - now all "Mark ..." options are available via a sub-menu
+ Resources : Range Select - Check SCIS for Cover Images - updated to improve performance
# Svr Add-On : Updated handling of "External Search" registration
# Cache : updated client 'file cache' handling (affects Cover Image handling)

# Server : Older versions of the client's "Launcher" were not updating the client correctly.
# Resources : Some records were hitting a length limit - if so, record would not save correctly
- changed to allow 'very' long records
# Circulation : Reservations : clicking a 'group' was not showing the group members

+ Resources : Direct editing of grid cells is now disabled by default
If enabled via the "Options" menu a warning is dispayed
+ Patrons : Added new Action menu entry - Reset All "Patron Specific" Loan Limits
+ Subjects : Updated Subject Authority handling - instead of "See" and "See Also"
now displays See(Use Instead) Also-Broder Also-Narrower& Also-Alternate
# Subjects : Some See & SeeAlso entries not cross linking correctly
# Add-Ins : adjusted communications settings to ensure startup connection is made
+ Add-Ins : New module : WebLinks API
Weblinks offer two different methods of obtaining their dataset
- File : previous method - still available
Searches are current as at the time of the last downloaded snapshot
Advantage : local dataset so 'live' internet connection not needed
Disadvantage : you need to manually update the system
- API : new method - contact Pledger Consulting re info/costs, etc
You do a search in real time against the WebLinks systems
Advantage : data is always up-to-date
Disadvantage : need a fast 'live' internet connection
# CoverImages : Inconsistent behaviour
+ Server : When no 'engine' specified in a search request,
it would default to just BiblioTECH - now defaults to 'all'

# WebSearch : now displays all of the specified "SearchDetail" fields on detail page
+ Search : Displays external result (from federated search engines) after any BiblioTECH results

# Barcode Mode : Internal flag for "Numeric" barcodes incorrectly set
+ Circulation : "General Settings - This Library" removed Lost,Ordered & Virtual
from selectable list of Libraries

8.6g(797) -->
# Photos : Clearing a photo only cleared the local copy, server copy not removed
+ SpineLabels : QL-570 : updated handling to include a check that the LBX file is present (alerts if not)
+ SpineLabels : A4 sheets : Updated handing to improve performance when dealing with a
large number of marked records
# Resources : Updated handling of "png" cover images
+ Utilities : Library Delete - if library has contents, now asks if OK to move those to "main"
If yes, the contents will be moved to the "main" library before removal
NB The "Loan" status of records will not be affected

8.6g(796) -->
+ Resources : Containers - added button to Export container info to CSV file (open with MS-Excel)
+ All : Barcode fields extended to 30 characters to allow use of equipment serial-number
barcodes directly in BiblioTECH (notebooks, iPads, cameras, etc)
# Server : Now allows multi-word lookups for all field lookups
+ Circulation : Changed way Photos are handled to improve performance over slower networks
+ Circulation : In "Select Patron by Photo" panel, now displays M/F icon if no photo available
# Patrons : in the grid, some columns were appearing twice (the second was hidden by default)

8.6g(795) -->
+ Circulation : made "KeyDelay" parameters user adjustable
# Patrons : When adding a new record, the "moniker" field was not being updated
--> patron not visible in Circ until after next full re-index
# Circulation : If 'lost' resource returned, needed two returns to fully restore from lost
# WebSearch : Not all "Detail" fields being displayed on detail page
# WebSearch : including additional collections even if they are turned off

8.6g(794) -->
# Server : Retrieval of a "complete" resource record could fail - expected field missing

8.6g(793) -->
+ WebSearch : Added "Exact Match First" option for 'title' sorting
# Patrons : Photos not showing
# Search : Lost resources always hidden (not as per "Hide Lost" option)
# Resources : "Return Inter-Library Loans" also restoring Lost resources
# Circulation : Sometimes get "Title not found" when processing a Reservation

# Sys Utils : During Restore - spelling error "SERVICES STOPING"
# All : Barcodes - "special" mode IGNORELAST - not correctly finding a resource barcode
# Patrons : Local client-based "cached" copies not immediately updating when new photos loaded
+ Circulation : Added Right-Click on resource detail panel to allow "Add to Shopping"
# Resources : Right-Click, then Mark was not working (UnMark was OK)
# Reports : "Patron - User Field" list always empty

8.6f(791) --->
# Circulation : Any resources 'lost' by the patron would be reported along with current loans
when sending an email
# Search : If you performed a search which included any of the charcaters " ' : / \
and then tried to save the results using the default file name, the save would fail
(these characters are invalid in a file name)

8.6f(790) --->
+ MARCimport : Importer now requests confirmation of the number of records to be imported

# Server : A 'control' character in a record would cause the Reindexing system to behave abnormally
This could also affect the building of the Subject & Tag drop-down lists

8.6f(788) --->
# Server : Monthly & Image backups being saved to incorrect folder

# WebSearch : When setting up a link to a cover image, the check order should be
local AccNum, local ISBN, SCIS ISBN
However, the local ISBN was not being checked

8.6f(787) --->
+ Installer : The installer now adds the necessary 'port' rules to the server's firewall configuration
(The name of these rules will be "BiblioTECH v8" followed by the protocol & port )
Inbound TCP 16000 BiblioTECH Data Engine
Inbound TCP 16001 BiblioTECH Communications Engine
Inbound TCP 16002 BiblioTECH "old" interface
Inbound TCP 8181 BiblioTECH WWW engine
Outbound TCP 25 BiblioTECH SMTP gateway

# Server : A timing clash could occur between the Backup/Restore/Rebuild processes.
If an "rebuild" was interrupted before completing (due to another request), it
was not releasing the interprocess lock.
This meant that the new process could not start and would wait continuously.
Another side affect was that the drop down lists would not be updated.

8.6e(785) --->
+ Resources : Changed "ViewBy" entry name from 'Borrower' to 'Location'

+ Reports : Modified a number of reports to improve performance
+ Reports : Added Letter_Current Loans by Group & by Level with Guardian variants

# Server : On rare occasions, the BT server could fail to respond to a "service stop" command
during overnight housekeeping, resulting in the service not restarting correctly

+ Install : Setup not installng certain ancillary files

+ Circulation : Changed permissions : password level >2 --> can view Patron Record
>6 --> can edit Patron Record

# System : Updated handlng of 'COPY' field list to ensure any change is actioned immediately

+ Shopping : Added "Shopping List" facility which supports recording of requests for new resources
Requests can be added in several ways ...
Circulation - Returns - Right-Click & Add to Shopping
Resource Mgr - grid - Right-Click & Add to Shopping
The list is managaed via a new panel in Resource Mgr
Can add & delete requests and Print the List.

8.6d(780) --->
# System : Updated handlng of various field lists to improve performance
and to ensure updates are timely
+ Resources : Single Resource Panel : Now displays an alert if in a Container.

8.6d(777) --->
# SCISsubjects : Colour coding of the subject drop-down list was incorrectly setting the text to the
same colour as the background - hence these entries were not being seen.

8.6d(775) --->
? Circulation : Report that Circ not obeying "Service All Libraries" --> checked all OK
+ Circualtion : Updated handling of title list selection
# Resources : After "add", grid not always synchronising to newly added record

# Search : "Save Results" was only exporting first 4 columns - not all
# Circulation : If resource LOST, sometimes required two returns to reset status
# Search : "Detail View" using 'field' rather then 'display' names
# Server : Search by barcode found correct result but results display now always complete
+ Resources : Now displays an information message When loading the SCIS Subject Authority data.

8.6d(772) --->
+ CoverImages : Updated handling to ensure that slow proxy responses will not adversely affect retrieval
of catalogue info
+ Resources : 'Global Field Value Updater' improved colour highlighting to make it clearer
# Resources : 'Global Field Value Updater' hints were not always reflecting which field was selected

8.6c(771) --->
# Circulation : Updated "Select by Patron Photo" as it was hesitating
+ Resources : Added a new 'Action Menu' entry : Move selected 'Subject' entries into the 'Tag' field

+ SubEdit : Changed 'Auth Used' colour to FUCHSIA (original PURPLE too close to BLACK on some displays)

+ SubEdit : Added 'authority' colouring to all Subject editor lists

+ Server : Improved performance when searching (external search engines updated to reflect the changes)
+ WebSearch : Updated Cover Image handling to improve performance

# Search : Searching by barcode could fail for certain barcodes types.
+ Server : Modified server handling of resource updates to minimise any delay in being seen by searches

8.6b(766) --->
# Circulation : When selecting a patron using the group photo option, the panel hesitated before showing.

8.6b(765) --->
# Resources : When printing a Spine Label to Zebra TLP printer - Was not splitting label text after a .
# Circulation : Select by Photo - hesitates when loading group photos

8.6b(764) --->
# Comms : A small number of Resource records (esp those from SCIS) were being trunctated during
transfer. As the records were then incomnplete, they were not being saved.
The BT client-server communcations has been updated to allow for 'very' long records.

# Server : Changed overnight housekeeping start time from 5:50 to 4:45 and is now adjustable

8.6b(762) --->
# Server : Settings for ForceUpperSubjects and StripPunction not saving correctly

8.6b(759) --->
# Resources : Subject drop down list not showing "Used SCIS" entries in correct colour

# Circulation : In rare situations, when scanning a barcode, screen updates could hesitate
between characters
# Search : In rare situations, when scanning a barcode, the entry would not process the
characters correctly
# Resources : In single record view, the background colour of the "location info" was using
Circ Colour scheme
# Server : Field "Friendly Names" updating but not being saved to disk
(therefore, lost after a restart)

+ Server : Changed server startup to autostart other services once the server is ready
# Server : Server not loading SCIS subject authority info during startup

8.6b(755) --->
+ Circulation : Lookup-List handling changed to use "Start-of-Word" rather than "Text" searching
(this allows entering "MA JO" to locate "MAry JOnes")

# Server : Inserted a check during startup to ensure all date fields contain 'valid' entries
(corrupt date values could cause spurios server behaviour from unexpected stopping
or sluggishness)

# Server : Under certain circumstances, the server engine could consume all of the server's
memory and fault

# SIP2 : When patron had overdues, the returned Loan Count was incorrect
(The list of titles was correct - overdue items were being double counted)

8.6a(751) --->

# SysUtils : Backup not asking if want to save to another location

# Server : Not performing a Group lookup correctly

8.6a(750) --->

+ Resources : Extended "Global Subject Editor" to "Global Field Value Updater"

+ DropDowns : Updated management of Drop-Down lists so that updates are "almost" immediate

+ Resorts : Added Resources - Loans History - One Series

# Search : The "External Engines" panel not repositioned when resizing window
(could end up hidden behind other controls)

+ Search : If resource is in "Virtual" library, then status is "Online" and not IN/OUT

+ SIP2 : the SIP2 interface has been merged into the main Communications Engine
(the old SIP2 Interface service should be uninstalled as it is no longer required)

+ SMTP : the BiblioTECH SMTP Gateway service is installed as part of the 'core' BiblioTECH system
(a separate installer is no longer required)
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