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8.5a  released
+ <comms> : Changed most requests to be via the XML interface (significantly updated XML-API)
+ <client> : Transfered IP/Port settings from GLOBAL.INI to COMMS.INI
+ <client> : Replaced communications startup
- to allow for "redirection"
- to speed up initial connection
- to ensure correct sequencing of IP address list entries
# <all> : fixed spelling mistake in licence
+ SMTP : moved all server SMTP email handling to separate service - easier for management
+ SMTP : Added a "SMTP Manager" utility (no longer managed via SysUtils)

+ Search : Improved display of dates on Search detail screen
+ <settings> : Transfered many of the GLOBAL.INI settings to the SVR.INI and are now "live" via SVRINFO message
+ ClickView : changed to searching the ClikcView XML data directly (rather than importing into BT database)
+ DVC : changed to searching the DVC XML data directly (rather than importing into BT database)
+ LinksPlus : changed to searching the LinksPlus data directly (rather than importing into BT database)
+ WebSearch : added another installer that allows for install on separate server (is still installed as part of base server)
+ WebSearch : Added a "WebSearch Manager" utility (no longer managed via SysUtils)

# Database : Extended Resource Barcode field to 20 characters (to allow computer serial number barcodes)

8.4b(628) -->
# Circulation : Changed handling of "Resource Limit" checking so "Allow Enter..." setting does not conflict
# Resources : changed so Supplier entry is saved when adding an item to an order
# Resources : changed so SCIS 'price" would not overwrite pre-existing value
# SCIS : SCIS connections could reset to defaults (ie no UserID and Password)
# Search : On Detail page, some fields were not showing
# Search : Depending on settings, would do 'start of word' instead of "whole word' searching
+ Clients : updated connect sequence to check 'localhost' last rather than first
+ Search : Now ensures that if no collections are enabled, then collection "1" is used
# Covers : Cover Image handling always on (ignoring switch)

+ Server : Significant speed improvement in the BT Search system
# Circulation : Allowed Collections not being applied correctly for lower level passwords
# Search : Boolean searching not operating as expected

+ PatronImport : Updated handling of supported file types
+ PatronImport : Added predefined Mappings for SAS export

# Patrons : "Increment all levels by one" causing error
+ Circulation : added new menu option - set "Global - Limit Due Date"

+ Utilities : Upgraded password management to include support of 32 internal collections

# Circulation : was incorrectly reporting "in the incorrect library" during a return
+ Clients : ensured password info is being passed across between the main client modules
# Resources : In Range Options/Set Field Value, on final info panel, count was displayed as 0

+ Resources : added "Action" to mark resources with price over $1000 (allows id of incorrectly entered prices)

+ SpineLabel : now displays the count of the selected call numbers
# Port-Stock : Was not always Auto-Returning resources seen as being "on loan"

# Search : Not responding to Hide Copies correctly

# SpineLabels : Error message after unmarking printed call numbers
# Reports : "Statists - GMD Loans" not including 'main' library

+ ClickView : changed old "Importer" to be an "external search engine"
+ DVC : changed old "Importer" to be an "external search engine"
+ WebLinks : changed old system to be an "external search engine"
# Circulation : Reservations : select by Title with multple resources with that title led to an errorr

8.4a(616) --->
# Server : copycodes not being passed to client - upsetting Search display
+ Resources : Tag editor changed to not force uppercase
tags to .

+ Circulation : checked and fine-tuned reservation handling
+ Server : SMTP system - does not LOG if nothing processed (shortens the log)
+ Server : AutoOverDueAlerts - checks for invalid hour/minute value and substitutes defaults
+ Installer : adjustments required by Windows-8
# Resources : Analyse Stocktake - Calendar not allowing "prior" dates
+ Utilities : Added page to allow assigning 'names' to collections

+ Circulation : "ForceDueDate" date now remembered
+ Search : when adjusting column widths - the settings are aved
+ All : Upgraded "Collection" handling from "16" to "32 internal plus 224 external"

+ History : Added "DueDate" to all History logs
+ Disp Names : Pat/Res field display name handling enhanced
+ DropDowns : New option to load existing entries into User-Drop-Downs
# Resources : Global Tag Editor drop down was showing subject not tags
# Resources : During an Add, location not always set to same as Libray
+ All : Upgraded Search system allow external search options
# Circulation : Switch to Reservations not always following security settings
? ResMgr : Add Subject - OK - then next Res - Sub not in list - working OK

+ Circulation : Patron name lookup - GROUP searching is now literal NOT "start of word"

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