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The BiblioTECH Librarey System is 'client/server' based. That is, there are "server" modules which run on one computer and these are accessed via "client" modules running on the
same or another computer across the network.

The server modules operate as standard Microsoft Windows services. There are two sets of BiblioTECH server modules ...

  • Core Services

The "core" services form the actual BiblioTECH server. They implement the 'core' functionality of the system.

  • Add-On Services

The "Add-On" services provide additional functionality to the server. These need to be be installed on the BiblioTECH server computer.
During client startup, the server advises the client which "Add-On" services are available, allowing the client to adjust its behaviour appropriately.

In addition to BiblioTECH client applications, there are other ways that a user or another system can access the information held within the BiblioTECH system.

  • Web Interface

The BiblioTECH WWW Engine provides a web-browser interface into BiblioTECH. This allows a user to search the BiblioTECH system from any device using a HTML5/CSS3 compatible browser.

  • External Applications

The BiblioTECH server responds to requests through an API. This allows other applications to electronically interact with the BiblioTECH system.

Before installing a server, refer to the System Requirements to ensure the server and client computers have sufficient resources. Also refer to the Folder Usage information so you are aware of which folders BiblioTECH will use.


The standard BT8 Server Installer performs a complete server install onto the “server” computer.
NB   If the computer already has the BiblioTECH server installed, the installer will update the system.

This section provides a very simplified overview of the installation process. You should download and carefully read the BiblioTECH Server Installation Guide

Steps followed by the installer ...

  • Checks for an existing BiblioTECH license
    If a valid licence is NOT found (ie a new installation) or the information indicates that the license has expired, the SETUP process will request a new key.
    If a valid key is not entered, the process will abort.

  • Uninstalls ALL BiblioTECH server services (both "Core" and "Add-On" services)

  • Installs/upgrades all executable files in the BT8 installation

Any existing configuration files and data files will not be modified.

Therefore, if you want to completely remove BiblioTECH from a server, you will need to manually remove the data files in the BiblioTECH program and data structures

  • Installs the "core" BiblioTECH services

  • Starts the services in sequence

As the services start, they perform 'in depth' housekeeping to ensure all required data structures are in place and have been checked to ensure internal consistency.

  • If you had any "Add-On" modules installed, you will need to download and install the updated versions.

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