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Librarians and other users access the library system through a BiblioTECH Client.

There are two client options ...
  • Client Application
    The BiblioTECH client modles provide comprehensive access to the functionality of the BiblioTECH Library System
  • Web Browser
    The BiblioTECH server implements a web-server which provides a Search facility for all users with browser access to the BiblioTECH server
    The Web interface does NOT require any 'client' installation - just direct a browser to the URL   
             (replace  with the IP address of your local BiblioTECH server)

Obtaining the BiblioTECH Client installation files
On the BiblioTECH server, start the BiblioTECH Client 
(the client with all optional modules is always installed on the BiblioTECH Server)

Open the System Utilities module  
NB The default system password at installation is   INDIG0  (<-- last character is a zero)
  • On the left panel, select and open the General  section
  • Select the  Installation Sets  page
  • Click on the [Client Install Set] button
You will be asked for a folder  
(later, the files will need to be accessed from the target client computer - select a network drive, USB drive, etc)
Two files will be placed in the selected location
setup_BT8client.exe  &  setup_BT8client.ini

Installing the Minimal Client
The minimal BiblioTECH client consists of the Launcher/Menu & Search module.
The other client modules are optional and can be added/removed as required.

On the target computer ...
  • login using a 'local administrator' account
  • open the location where you saved the installation files
  • run the  setup_BT8client.exe   to install the client
    This will establish the required environment and copy the base-level files
    It will then connect to the BiblioTECH server and download the additional files required to establish a minimal client

When a BiblioTECH Client Launcher is activated, it checks to see if there are any of the optional modules installed. 
  • If so, it will display the BiblioTECH Menu to allow the user to start their required module
  • Otherwise, it will automatically start the Search module.

Installing/Removing Optional Modules
Note : Once the client environment has been established during the "minimal client nstallation", optional modules can be added/removed under a "user level" account - there is no need to login as a 'local administrator'.

As the Menu is required to add optional modules, if Search is the only installed module, the menu would normally not be displayed.
You will need to force the Menu to be displayed.
  • Close all applications
  • On the desktop, locate the BiblioTECH Client icon and click once (to select it)
  • Press and hold the CTRL key down
  • Press and release the M key (keep the CTRL key down until the menu is shown)
  • On the BiblioTECH Menu, select the menu option File - Install Client Modules

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