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Barcode scanners are available from numerous suppliers.
  • One example is SCIS who sell barcode scanners via
    All of their scanners work with BiblioTECH
  • Most computer parts suppliers sell barcode scanners at competative prices.

Note :
When using the scanner with BiblioTECH, you will need to be able to see and read the screen.
Some scanners have a memory feature that allows the scanning of a large number of barcodes and then to replay them.
Such a feature is NOT suitable for use with BiblioTECH.
While such "memory" scanners can be used with BiblioTECH, it would probably be more cost effective to consider purchasing two of the simpler scanners than one of the more expensive options

Example :
During a Stocktake, you use a 'memory' scanner to scan 500 barcodes, you then play those back into your library system and it reports that 5 barcodes were not recognised.
You then have to go back and re-process every book looking for the five problem barcodes - a complete waste of time.
BiblioTECH provides immediate feedback after each scan - it is much more efficient to use 'single' scanning

Checking a Barcode Scanner
BiblioTECH uses the Microsoft Windows enviroment to handling the scanner. Therefore, if it works OK with any Windows application, it will work with BiblioTECH

To check ...
Open Windows Notepad and scan a barcode - the barcode should be displayed in Notepad and the cursor should move to the next line.
  • If no barcode is displayed, check the connections
  • If it doesn't jump to the next line, consult the scanner's manual to disable "Auto-ISBN Converion"

Barcode Scanners and ISBNs
ISBNs used to be 10-characters. However, the current standard is for 13-characters.
In the old days, scanners would automatically convert any scanned 13 charcater ISBN barcodes tothier 10 character version.
This feature is no longer required and should be disabled.

To check ...
Open Windows Notepad and scan an ISBN
  • If the displayed entry has 13 characters, then the scanner is set correctly.
  • If not, consult the scanner's manual to disable "Auto-ISBN Converion"

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